Ten Facts About Me:

10. Proudly from a small town in Vermont.

9. Love New York.

8. Loves to drive.

7. Can’t dance.

6. Sweet tooth.

5. Never misses a Bauer Hour of Power.

4. Springsteen, Mellencamp,  Joel.

3. Love writing.

2. Spider-turtle-pig boo.

1. Don’t tug on the cape.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Will – Do you have any way of getting a hold of Dawn Baresin, the woman you blogged about with a homeless dog? She is an old dear friend of mine that has been missing for years. If so, I’d love if you could please give her my contact info. (707) 974-1093

    Thank you,

  2. Hello Francesca,

    Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Dawn in the last few months, which is unusual. She might have moved on, I’m afraid. However, if I do see her, I’ll be sure to pass along your phone number. Hope I can help you two meet up again.


  3. omg so this girl dawn u are wrighting about is my sister in law im married to her brother thomas weve been together for 5 years and i have never met dawn or spoke to her i promised her family brothers,mom and sister that i would try everything to find her she has a big family looking for her they love her and miss her very much if u could please give her my number its 509 457 1245 or 509 594 5056

  4. Dawn is my sister in law her brother (thomas) and i have been searching for her for years now she has a little sister she has never met 3 neices and a nephew we would love to meet her thomas james and there mother sue love her very much and if theres anyone out there that knows how to get ahold of her please give her our number 509 457 1245

  5. Dawn has been living in San Francisco the last few years. I usually find her near the Union Square there, usually not too far from Macys. She does have a different dog now, I think the dog’s name is Sady.

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