Epic Secrets Revealed!

So I was mowing the lawn and letting my mind wander, as I often do, when I started thinking about 2007’s feel-good Christmas movie of the year, I Am Legend, in which Will Smith takes on thousands of zombie vampires in the deserted streets of New York and doesn’t live to tell the tale. Good times.

Seriously, I really enjoyed the flick. Living in New York, I’ve often wondered what the place would be like if everyone disappeared, and the movie did a great job of presenting it. That said, the idea of the end of civilization isn’t exactly new fodder for movies – hell, this was the second remake of the first movie, which in turn was based off a book – but it was still entertaining enough that I saw it twice, and haunting enough to remind me that Will Smith was nominated for two Oscars.

But anyway, I was thinking about the poster for the movie, where Will Smith and his dog are walking along a pier by the shattered remains of the Brooklyn Bridge.

There was something familiar about it… post-apocalyptic survivor, last hero on Earth, gun in his right hand, loyal dog heeling on his left, strolling along one of the important sets of the movie…and then it hit me. I’d seen it before.


I don’t know if this was intentional, accidental, or a sly joke reflecting the $6.60 price of a gallon of gas in I Am Legend (hey, 2009’s not that far away!), but the similarity is pretty obvious, as you can see below.


On a related note, with the DVD version of I Am Legend out now comes the alternate ending, which you can watch below:

If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve either watched the video or don’t really care, so you won’t mind if I give away what happens:

Will Smith Lives.

Yes, the zombie vampires allow the Fresh Prince to walk away with his newfound friends, thus allowing them to drive off across the George Washington Bridge to Bethel, Vermont. (I think all Vermonters knew before this, by the way, that our state would ultimately be a haven for humanity in the event of apocalypse, and especially in cases of vampirezombiepocalypse. After all, how are those monsters supposed to survive up here? It’s below freezing eight months of the year, and all they have on are tattered shorts.)

But this only made me wonder…um, didn’t they blow up all the bridges?

And finally, yeah, they really should have used real actors for the vampire-zombies. Those CGI ones just look bad. And what’s with their jaws dislocating like that? Was there python DNA in that virus they were infected with?


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