Super Bowl Ads!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you… the Best 10 Advertisements of Super Bowl XLII! As chosen by me.

10. – Justin Timberlake 

I think we can all agree – any time we see Justin Timberlake get hit in the crotch is a good time. Plus, Andy Samberg in drag. 

9. Hyundai – “Twist” 

Hyundai’s threatening to do to the luxury car market what Lexus did 20 years ago. Can it do it? My money says they’re gonna do better than you might think. I don’t know if this ad will win any sudden converts, but if people are smart, they’ll listen.

8. Audi – “Godfather”

Cadillac enthusiasts be warned: if you don’t trade in your old cars now, the R8 will slice their grilles off and leave them in your bed. Kind of stupid ad, to be honest, only saved by that last few seconds of the car itself – which is smokin’.  

7. Bud Light – “Fire”

I hate when that happens. 

6. Diet Pepsi Max – “What is Love”

First Robert Goulet last year, now the Roxbury boys – not to mention the Semi-Pro ads. Fuck Tom Brady – Will Ferrell’s leaving a more impressive Super Bowl legacy than anybody right now. 

5. Bridgestone – “Unexpected Obstacles”

Hey, that’s what I’d do. 

4. Doritos – “Mouse Trap”

I believe this is what the kids today refer to as “pwned.”  

3. FedEx – “Pigeons”

This ad was supposed to air months ago, but Sony made them hold it back until the Super Bowl because it would have given away “Cloverfield.” 

2. Coca-Cola – “It’s Mine”

The best “touchy-feely” ad of the bunch. I was half-expecting an 80-foot Lucy to come out at the last second and  swipe up the bottle, but I’m glad penultimate loser Charlie Brown finally wins. (Also, if Charlie Brown’s a balloon, how often does he get himself caught in a tree? Just a thought.) 

1. (tie) Bud Light – “Jackie Moon”

I don’t care if he’s playing the same character in every movie. Put this man in front of a camera, and he will make you laugh. (Also, see more unused footage below:)

1. (tie) Paramount Pictures – “Iron Man Superbowl Spot”


This movie makes me want to vote Republican. And I haven’t even seen it yet.

I apologize for not always having the correct names for the advertisements – when I couldn’t find the name, I provided the best descriptor I could, so it should be easy to find if you desire.


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