Super Bowl!

The New York Giants routed the New England Patriots, 17-14, in Arizona during Sunday’s Super Bowl XLII, with a literal last-minute touchdown that ended the Patriots’ hopes of an undefeated season.

Giants’ quarterback Eli Manning, also known as the “Little Giant,” was awarded the Most Valuable Player award (as well as the first Cadillac Escalade Hybrid) for leading his team, considered the underdogs by most observers, to victory. New Yorkers reacted euphorically to the win.

Whoops of joy echoed from streets, fire escapes and rooftops across Manhattan. A crowd of nearly a thousand people spontaneously assembled in Union Square to celebrate; revelers stripped off their shirts and danced in the 40-degree night air, while other let out cries of “Boston sucks!” and “Fuck the Red Sox!”

At one point, the crowd overwhelmed a garbage truck stopped at the foot of the square and began climbing over it as the driver laid on the air horn for several continuous minutes.

Eventually, police arrived and broke up the spontaneous party, arresting several.

Megan Cruz contributed reporting to this article. 


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